Here is a quick tutorial on making three different Christmas ornaments. I wanted to keep our tree’s golden theme so my ornaments are pretty simple.

You will need: Acrylics, paint brush, 2 plastic ornament balls, super glue, pearls, ribbon, a large decorative button, thumbtack, and mini flower embellishments

For the first ornament: I used a pair of old pearl bracelets and a packet of mini flowers I had lying around to fill up my first ornament. So fill yours up with any pearls, beads, gems, or maybe a handful of Christmas colored buttons to give your tree some Christmas spirit! Then, to add a cute little touch I cut a piece of ribbon and tied a button on one end and glued it on to the ornament as seen in the picture below.





For the Second and third ornament I painted the ornament ball and dinosaur  green with a metallic hue of gold. I painted the first layer eggshell white and then mixed gold with black and a bit of white to get the exact color I wanted. After the paint dries, glue the ribbon of your choice onto the ball. Depending on which ribbon you choose you can leave it as it is or keep decorating. I painted over the white lace and glued flowers around the mid center of the lace.





Obviously, the third ornament had to be dinosaur related so I painted a plastic dinosaur with the same shade as the ball ornament. Then, in order to hang it I painted a thumbtack the same color and stuck it into the mid back of the toy dinosaur once it was dry and tied one of those metal hanging cords to hang up on the tree.


Finito! These ornaments are super easy to make. Try it out for  yourself and show me how they turn out!


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