I have lived a little over half my life in Florida and little less so in Peru, but to me, Lima (1, 2, 3)  is home. I am a helpless romantic for all the little things this wonderful city has to give.

From the shitty grey skies to being woken up by some exasperating car horns , I can’t help but fall madly in love. The food is orgasmic as is the beer. And don’t even get me started on the Pisco. The streets are lovely and filthy and filled with stories. There’s that nostalgic smell when I walk out of the airport. The best things I own have been bought off of street vendors and a few foreign hippies.  The traffic sucks more often than not but as the Stones would say, “we can’t always get what we want”. Besides, I want to shoot every bird that even tries to wake me up with their chirping; what can I say, I’m as city as any girl can get.

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I have been thinking more and more about personal style, since this is kind of fashion blog and all, but I can’t help but question on where I stand. Argumentatively, we must pick and choose what we love the most, what we feel the most comfortable in, and essentially commit. This is hard seeing as I can hardly decide on what pair of underwear I should put on this morning let alone what I’ll be wearing  for a proximity of a lifetime. It’s difficult but I am coming close to settling down…hopefully.

The stubbornness and romanticism in me guides me to my favorite parts of the city and influences how I get dressed every morning. I pick and choose but I always seem to get back to what I feel most comfortable in and dressing for winter is what makes me happy.  Now that I’m in Lima all I want is to wear my best-fitted express jeans,  a layer-full of comfy shirts & coats and a pair of booties and I’m happy. A beanie wouldn’t be so bad either. You remember the (AC/DC beanie) I made, right?

Every year there is a sale in Lima on winter coats made with alpaca and baby alpaca and I have yet to miss it. I have bought the most beautiful coats and capes and have featured a few of them on my blog before (Day to Night at The Office), (Lazy Days), (Here’s to a New Year). I bought this white sweater there just the other day. They only have it through June-August so if you’re in Lima you need to go right away! I strongly recommend it! It is located at Casa Prado on Av. 28 de Julio 878, Miraflores 15074

Shop This Look:

Top – Zara – similar here

Sweater – bought in Lima – similar here or here

Scarf (old) – similar here

Beanie – similar here

Shoes – bought in Lima – similar here


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  1. July 19, 2015 / 3:18 pm

    Love this outfit! So street inspired and put together. The AC/DC hat is awesome!

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