The most wonderful sleeps are the ones where you’re wearing as many layers as an onion and wrapped tighter than a double stuffed burrito. Of course, life would be the equivalence of a sunny walk in the park if you could feel the same great way that you do as you wake up from the warmest, most thrilling, and most embracing sleep of your life.

DSC_0135So what do you do in times of absolute horror and frost as you realize you have worn almost everything in your closet?  You stuff yourself with anything warm and everything chunky. You walk straight into your closet and grab every outerwear knit that whispers “I will warm you up like clam chowder and make you feel like a warm cup of tea”. You might ask, can a light sweater really do that? And the answer is yes. You just need to spice things up and layer on a petty coat or a cuddly cape on top of all the other light sweaters, shirts, and those knitted bits and fingerless gloves

Think as yourself as a burrito; A mouthwatering burrito made with love and guac from Chipotle. You are the meat and your clothes are the extra stuffings. You want that extra guac? layer on a scarf and a cardigan on top of that cashmere sweater. Just like your winter wardrobe, your burrito will get a little repetitive and bland. So as Glen Coco would do, you go and make your look into a cheesy, double layered, and stuffed with exquisiteness quesorrito.

So in times of critical winter wardrobe malfunctions the solution will simply be to think like a starving student sitting through a 3 hour lecture as she daydreams about tacos and cupcakes and burgers and fries. And remember, it is okay to pile up all your sweaters and coats to fulfill the incredible sensation of going about your day feeling as if you’re still wrapped as comfortably as you were in bed that morning.

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