Who’s ready for all the holiday parties? Every year my sister hosts a white elephant party and every year I always seem to miss it. I always spend the holidays in Peru but this year I decided to make it back in time for the party! I’m making a few gift guides for last minute gift ideas. I have yet to buy my friends or family any gifts yet. There’s absolutely no way I’m going to the mall for them. It’s Amazon all the way.

Check my white elephant gift guide post from last year to see what other gifts you can buy: THE ULTIMATE WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT GUIDE UNDER $50!

Yes, this is the game that they play in The Office. It’s fun, just don’t be an asshole. The rules for white elephant are pretty simple.

White Elephant Rules

  1. Every player must bring a gift
  2. You must draw names to determine the order of who picks a gift first
  3. The first player selects a gift and opens it for all to see
  4. The next player can either choose another gift or steal the previous player’s gift.
  5. The person who gets a gift stolen from them must wait to get it back. They can’t steal someone’s gift who has already had something stolen from them
  6. The first player then gets to swap their gift with any other opened gift.
  7. A gift can no longer be stolen after being swapped 3 times.



  1. Victrola Record Player, $40
  2. Espresso Maker, on sale for $30!
  3. Pour-Over Coffee Maker, $20
  4. Google Home Mini, $30
  5. Nessie Ladles (because omfg who wouldn’t want one?), $9, pair it with a bottle of wine/liquor depending on the $$ limit.
  6. Waffle Maker, $45
  7. Bluetooth shower speaker, $24
  8. Keychain Breathalyzer, $25
  9. Wooden Mini Puzzles, $30
  10. Retro Hot Dog Toaster, $15
  11. Lightbox with letters, numbers, symbols, $15
  12. Garment Steamer, $22
  13. Diffuser Set, $29
  14. Gradient Puzzle Box, $35
  15. Dancing Water Lights Speakers, $30

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