Let yourself be harassed with curiosity, let yourself play, fiddle, shop, spend, and clothe. Let’s shop and be infatuated by art and empower our soul with style.bar-cafe-barranco-vernacula

I cannot think of anything more nerve-wracking than the feeling of having nothing to wear. I have been staying in Lima for about two months and I feel like I’ve packed nothing, or at least nothing I’d like to wear. Conveniently, this gives me an excuse to visit a few stores and do a little shopping. This week I went into a store called Vernácula in Barranco and butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I stepped inside. The art, design, and the clothes were enough to drag me inside and force me to gaze and shop and bombard the sales collection. I was in hurry but I managed to buy a black and white patterned crop top and went back to pick up a pair of pants I’ve been rummaging all over town for and to visit that bar café downstairs that was calling my name since the minute I left.

It is a perfect mess of the things you never thought you needed. If Alice had a home in the real world she could possibly be living in Vernácula. Stepping in this little home is like leaving reality and being introduced to a surreal world. There is the pull as you walk through each room that will not let you leave and begs your wallet to splurge on all the weirdness.

There is nothing delirious about the clothing except that you may or may not feel particularly drawn to buy everything and anything. These upcoming local designers give you a sense of individuality and unpretentiousness knowing these unique pieces are made solely and hand-picked for you. If you’re too indecisive and aren’t sure what style you’re going for you’ll find a bit of it all from Camote Soup, MAIA, Lou Lapinou, Fiorella De Lübbe, to Purpurne & so much more! Take a trip, shop, spend, live and fall in love with every step and every dress.

Vernácula is located in calle Ayacucho 269 Barranco, Lima, Peru



DSC_0670DSC_0676DSC_0703 DSC_0714 DSC_0728 top: H&M – shoes: similar here – jeans: express – jacket: renzo costa

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