survival-guide-to-dressing-up-casuallyThe key word, or words, here are lazy and casual. The survival part is part of any lazy girl’s struggle to get dressed let alone get up in the morning. I am a fashion blogger. I like pretty things; I like shopping compulsively; I like shoes; I like fantasizing about what I will wear every second of everyday the night before and I like layering. I also, however, like to binge watch Netflix, and sleep in late, and walk around the house in my underwear all day. This doesn’t sound as glamorous as my first description but laziness is a beautiful part of life that needs to be embraced from time to time. Where was I? Oh yes. A few weeks ago my Saturday night consisted of being lazy watching movies and eating popcorn and beer with my boyfriend until plans changed last minute. I was not amused. I had to go out and try to be social and what now. I wanted no part of it but I was overruled. I refused to enjoy or put any effort into getting dressed for the get together or the pit stop at the bar next to my house. Thus, the idea of having someone quickly guide me through an effortless came to mind. Or at least having someone just throw a pair of pants, a shirt, and some shoes at me. Like I said, I just wasn’t feeling it. So sit, relax, and let me guide you through your outfit for this lazy evening:

  • Think of what you feel most comfortable in…

Whether it be a sundress, a maxi skirt, or some cutoff shorts. Wear something you like and makes you feel as if you are eating ice-cream in bed. For me, it’s jeans, a t-shirt, and my leather jacket. I can never go wrong with them and it’s usually what I wear when I need to run errands or I’m going out to lunch with a friend.street-style-casual-survival-guide


  • …Now add a statement piece.

Instead of that typical t-shirt put on a blouse or a crop top. If you’re wearing a dress, add some edge and slip on a leather jacket. If you’re wearing jeans, switch to a pair of patterned pants or some with flare. Pick, choose, and don’t think about it too

  •  Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

If you’re lazy and you’re not feeling the urge to look your best just layer on some necklaces, a choker, or a few rings, bracelets, or earrings, and just dress up what you’ve dressed down. Wear a purse that stands out if you feel your outfit feels a bit vague. I have worn this purse a few times but it’s because I only brought two for the two months I’ll be in Lima. It’s very versatile and deviating at the same time.layered-necklace-xxi

  • Pick a pair of shoes that make heads turn.

You could wear a pair of stilettos, wedges, lace-up flats, or sneakers but intrigue is what’s most important to make the outfit. I have an amorous relationship with all shoes high and killer. I feel such love and empowerment with a pair of high heeled shoes that I will choose them over any other pairbrown-boots-paez-dooney-and-bourke-pursedressing-casuallygrunge-chic-casualDSC_0855street-style-survival-guidestreet-style-survival-guidemismatch-earrings-street-stylelima-fashion-style-street

The end.

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