I am collaborating with Irresistible Me to share my experience with the curling wand I received a couple of days ago. This is a sort of review/tutorial for the 8-1 curling wand. Irresistible Me sells hair products including extensions, accessories and hair tools. Initially I was hesitant since I never really thought about getting hair extensions or a flat-iron (because I already own one). And since I already have curly hair I wasn’t too sure if I could benefit from a curling wand. Although I have always dreamt of having as perfect curls as Gretchen Weiner so I thought, why not? I have been trying to convince myself of buying one anyway so I might as well try it out. Irresistible Me’s  8-1 curling wand is the Iron Lady of all curling wands. The name pretty much gives it away. If your hair is giving any uncompromising troubles, just like Margaret Thatcher, this wand will not put up with any of that BS. There are 8 ways to fix the problem and it will be fixed. DSC_0321hair11

  1. 13 MM
  2. 13 / 25 MM
  3. 18 / 9 MM
  4. 25 / 13 MM
  5. Pearl
  6. 19 MM
  7. 25 MM
  8. 32 MM

And it comes with a glove and a holder to set the hot wand while curling your hair.

I grabbed my sister’s extensions and tried each of the wands just to get a feel of how each curl would come out and this is how they look and how they look after brushing them out.DSC_0039_Fotor_CollageI straightened my hair for my first attempt and I just loved the way the biggest curls looked so I went with the biggest wand, the 32 MM.


It was my first time curling my hair and I was actually surprised at how quickly I figured out how to curl it without burning myself. What I did was:

Split my hair into sections, or layers. I found it easier not wearing the glove because I had a better grip on my hair. Also, I found it easier to curl my hair with the wand up and over my head (if that makes any sense?) you can see it in the pictures.

Let the curl fall into your hands and hold for a few seconds until it cools to get the curls to stay longer.

Then, spray it with hairspray after completing each section and with a big clip, clip all the curls together.

Repeat until you’re done with each section.
DSC_0104hair finalDSC_0099DSC_0126

Teasing is a must (for me) because I like volume. I like big messy hair. With a tease brush, or a comb, tease your hair until you achieve the volume you love and style you’re going for. Use tons of hairspray. I didn’t. So I know next time that I should probably use more hairspray if I want my curls will stay for more than just a few hours.


This is the way it turned out after styling it a bit and teasing it. I absolutely loved it. I felt as if I had just walked out from a salon but it was I who did all those godly maneuvers to get what I would call the perfect messy waves. It was so very exciting and it made me feel good AF.

DSC_0200 DSC_0177

I then tried curling my hair with the 25/13 MM wand and I took the same steps as before except I did not straighten my hair. I left it untouched and unbrushed so I didn’t need to curl all of my hair just the parts that were missing texture. I’m still getting the hang of it and I’ll be posting more hairstyles on my outfit posts and how I used the wand to do so. I feel that the for girls who already have naturally curly hair, you’d be thrown off by the need to get a curling wand but I truly recommend getting one. It has put an end to all my terrible, very frizzy, bad hair days.


So this is before:

DSC_0308hair final 2

And this is what it looked after:

I hope you liked this post and if you want to know more about Irresistible Me and the 8-1 curling wand visit their website! Or visit their Youtube channel for more reviews/tutorials and Instagram for hair inspiration!


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