It is Valentine’s day weekend, I am alone, I am cold, and my weekend has consisted solely of studying, snapchat (username: kmaurtua) stalking my favorite bloggers during NYFW, and drinking one too many glasses of wine to all the street style snaps that are roaming the internet streets. A girl can only dream to be part of all the glam, all the glitter and the prodigy that is fashion week. I drool over every layer full of clothes and every empowering piece that walks the runway. I have fallen in love with almost every designer, the prints, the shoes, the models, the layers, and the combinations. What I wasn’t too fond of and am guilty of vivaciously tapping away on my phone was all the Yeezy snaps. They were a little too “not NYFW” but who am I to judge? That could certainly be someone else’s cup of tea.

Sadly, I will only picture and pretend I’m part of the audience. I’ll drink a little too much wine and online shop the things I really don’t need but I desperately want. I have already bought denim cullotes and a matching crop top, a denim skirt, a Adams’s Family inspired dress and a white and mustard striped crop top. Now I’m just missing a pair of fringed denim jeans, a pair of super cool sneakers, maybe pastel colored heels, and a jumpsuit (but only if I can pull it off).

Here are my favorite snaps from New York Fashion Week’s streets:





















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