Can we all buy sweaters right now please?

There are approximately 3 hours in the day from the time I wake up, feel the barely cool autumn breeze, inexplicably assume I need to wear a pair of jeans, booties and a jacket, to ending my 10am class. I think to myself ,”Man, I really need to stock up on some new sweaters”. I then fall victim to a mild heat stroke as I walk back to my car and can’t even stand the thought of anything remotely related warmth or fuzziness.

But my A/C reminds of why I really, really should buy something warm and fuzzy. Now, look at these marvelous sweaters & coats I should be purchasing if I lived anywhere but the state of Florida.

sweatersweater sweater sweater1 sweater2 sweater3sweater5 sweater6 sweater7 sweater8

Here are the lucky few I may or may not buy these upcoming months: 1 2 3 4 5

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