Let’s talk about our summer accessories & essentials!

I can’t decide whether I like the minimalist trend or if I just really need to figure out a way to remember to use all those accessories my drawers are piled up with. I love the summer because I love those boho rings and bracelets I always see floating around Pinterest. Most often lack to dress up my fingers and wrists and ears and neck. I can be very forgetful and I don’t like that. I can have my rings and necklaces and bracelets right in front of me and I will walk right past them. I’ve wanted to change this so I have developed this technique of always setting out my jewelry before getting dressed so I remember to put them on before heading out the door. While I was at the beach I put together all the things that scream out bright, summer, and happy to have a little shoot of all the accessories you could wear or take to your next trip to the beach.

It is summer after all which gives me an excuse to share a few of the my favorite summer essentials. I never spend too much on accessories because I know I will wear them way too much and they can easily ruin so I have picked out a few budget friendly pieces to shop for this season!

  1. A colorful choker

  2. Bright lipstick

  3. A patterned belt

  4. A neon crop top

  5. Boho bracelets and bright rings, & earrings

  6. Bright nail polish

  7. Something tropical or island inspired

DSC_0191 DSC_0088DSC_0233 summer accessoriesDSC_0132DSC_0163

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