Stormy Weather OOTD

The weather has been insanely hot until yesterday. It got pretty rainy, dark, and windy yesterday from the pretty rowdy storm. It was sunny in the morning but once I got to school it started pouring and I’m so glad I checked the weather. I chose to layer up for the occasion. I wore a dress from tommy Hilfiger, BCBG ankle boots, and a chunky scarf from Kuna.

Is there a certain type of look you go to for those gloomy days?

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El clima ha estado demasiado caliente hasta ayer. Estuvo lloviendo, oscuro y frío por la tormenta de ayer. Salio un poco de sol por la mañana pero me alegro que me fije como iba a estar el clima. Decidí vestirme con un poco de “layers”. Me puse un vestido de Tommy Hilfiger, botines de BCBG, y un una bufanda de Kuna. 

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