Slow fashion has become a popular movement in the fashion industry. The movement takes into account ethical, eco-conscious, and sustainable efforts. Unlike fast fashion brands, slow fashion brands take conscious efforts in their decision-making. They value human rights, animal rights and the sustainability of our planet.

The Makings of a slow fashion brand

  • Made from sustainable, high quality materials
  • Focus on timeless rather than trends
  • Have a max of 2-3 collections per year
  • Often found in smaller, local, boutiques as opposed to chain enterprises
  • They are transparent; they value their employees

For so long, I’ve been stuck with the mentality that clothes are disposable. I got caught up feeling like I needed something new to wear everyday. I felt pressured by all the pics, hauls and try on sessions I saw on IG. Have you ever felt this way? It was as if posting a picture of the same piece was strictly forbidden. And, oh boy, what an awful mentality to have.

How to style the patch pocket shorts from everlane

What I’m wearing

Top & Belt (old): similar top here & belt here or here

Shorts (size 6): Everlane patch pocket short

I heard of slow fashion but never really did the research because, honestly, I didn’t really want to. And then, I did. The detrimental impacts are, in lack of a better word, incredible. In an ethical, economical, and environmental standpoint, fast fashion has made a stand and I don’t want any part of it. If you haven’t watched The True Cost, a documentary on Netflix, it is a great resource to guide you through the ugliness of the fast fashion world.

My goal is to be conscious. I want to invest in pieces I cherish and style over and over again. I buy pieces that make me happy. So why not show off all the ways it brings me joy? You’ll be seeing a lot more repeats to show how I get the most out of all the pieces I invest in. I want to inspire all of you to see your clothes as enduring, as opposed to single-use items

I’m not perfect, though I strive to be my best self, and I know this isn’t something I can change in a week. I haven’t purchased any clothing in a while and plan on investing on staple pieces. I am also making a conscious effort to only partner with sustainable brands I trust and want to share with you all.

Are you part of the slow movement? Will you join me?

slow fashion: what is it and why you should care

21 Ethical & Sustainable Fashion Brands to Check Out

  1. ABLE
  2. Everlane
  3. Reformation
  4. KOTN
  5. Outdoor Voices
  6. Thought Clothing
  7. PACT
  8. Nisolo
  9. Veta
  10. Tradlands
  11. Encircled
  12. Cuyana
  13. Eileen Fisher
  14. Boden
  15. Indigenous
  16. People Tree
  17. Back Beat Rags
  18. Whimsey + Row
  19. Elizabeth Suzann
  20. MATTER
  21. Sotela
where to find slow fashion denim jackets

What I’m wearing:

Jacket: The Merly Jacket from ABLE
Linen dress (old): similar here

16  of the best slow fashion brands to buy from

What I’m wearing

Top (size 4): The Clean Silk Short-Sleeve Notch Shirt from Everlane

Shorts (size 6): Everlane patch pocket short

Tote: The Selam Tote from ABLE

Sneakers: Huaraches (similar model here)

what is slow fashion and 16 ethical fashion brands

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  1. June 28, 2019 / 8:14 am

    I think this was a really great and important topic for you to cover! I just spoke on a panel recently in regards to ethical fashion and clothing is one of our top polluters in the world. I’ve been really trying to focus on buying more quality pieces from slow fashion brands I know that they are more expensive but the impact on our environment and our people makes it so important!

  2. Jenna
    July 1, 2019 / 7:32 am

    Great post on slow fashion – it is definitely something that needs to be shared!! I have been on a journey towards living zero/low waste for a year now, and I am amazed by how many more sustainable and slow fashion brands I have learned about! Will reference this list later for sure – thank you for sharing!
    Jenna ♥
    Follow me back? Life of an Earth Muffin

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