There comes a time in every struggling girl’s life to choose whether to ignore the temptations or walk through the terrible yet unbelievably satisfying sacrifice to indulge in all the sweet and savory miracles every city, home, or café has to offer. I (try to) live each day with the intention of listening to the prude angel on shoulder guiding me through all the steps of saying no to every red velvet cupcake, everything triple stuffed chocolate chip cookie, or a brick toast mountain covered in nutella. Of course, these steps and negatives instantly become irrelevant as the obese little man breathing heavily on my other shoulder whispers all the sensational, glorifying, orgasmically, and shameless those everlasting bites will be.

And in times of absolute sublimity and happiness, I will ALWAYS listen to that little obese man breathing on my shoulder, however wrong or creepy he may be. With every bite of mouth-watering regret there is an explosion satisfaction, peacefulness, succulent, scrumptious, and life-is-better-than-it-has-ever-been joy that comes with it. And unlike that nagging prude, this little man will ungrudgingly let me live life eating every bite of happiness I can get my hands on.

And for those of you (in Orlando) dreaming of a mountain of brick toast drenched in honey, nutella, bananas, chocolate, and ice cream, make your way to Krungthep for the greatest orgasmic dessert of your life.


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For these cold weather blues, or for the rare occasion of a cold day in Florida this winter, there is really the only choice of layering up light. Wearing an a line scuba skirt is not necessarily a choice but a necessity seeing as you may freeze your shivering little legs anywhere between 6 AM to 10AM then begin sweating off all those sweets from the heat and excessive layers of clothing by 2 pm. So when the weather gets tough but there is a little ray of sunshine peeking out in the sky, chic it up and wear a skirt, put on some gloves, layer on a scarf and maybe a light jacket.

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