jeans-delirium-styleI have limited myself without even noticing. I have impeded my choices with too narrow structures. I have disregarded almost everything that hangs from the corners of my closet. I have a room full of dresses, skirts, shorts and skorts but my bottom half is only dressed in jean. It is an awful habit that needs to be broken. I’m not sure when it started but it must stop. Sure the denim phase can be beautifully paired or subtly mismatched but this fad should only be adorned for so long. If this was a denim on denim post or an encouragement to trend-set the shit out of your jeans, I would probably embrace this repetitive dilemma. But it is not. Instead this is a goodbye post not just to basic garments but to the limitations I am holding onto ever so tightly. It isn’t terrible to embrace the basic necessities of fashion, on the contrary, it is a bit exciting to find something mysterious in something so simple. 

DSC_0923 jeans-delirium-style
saying-goodbye-to-jeans DSC_0754 fendi-bag-bright-heels-teal white-blouse-and-light-denim skinny-jeans-light-ripped jeans-skinny-accessories jeans-bright-heels-goodbye-inspoThe weather in florida is meant for maxi dresses, cutout shorts, and bright floral skirts, not particularly, but you get the picture. I should embrace the ability to flaunt all my beach weather gear, all my high-waisted skirts, and my brightly dimmed dresses. Instead I have let them weep in my closet and I’ve over indulged in just the opposite. Alas, fall and winter are right around the corner and my closet treasures will rot away for another season until I finally grow the courage to let my denim fetish aside and pull out something bright and shiny. So now I am saying goodbye with what is hopefully my last vague look in skinny jeans and bring in the bold and curious and ego-centric affairs. I’ll be egotistically dressing myself without the care of those around me because as Carrie Bradshaw once said,

“Never apologize for unconventional outfit choices.”

Be bold, be pretty, be daring. Happy (almost) weekend!

Get the look sort of:

Shoes: Viviane Fiedler / Purse: Fendi (vintage) similar / Jeans: Express similar / Top: Zara


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  1. October 13, 2015 / 3:46 am

    You look fantastic in this outfit!! Love your dress and heels!!
    Kisses and hugs from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

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