This nerve-wracking, time-consuming, impossibility to get dressed for any occasion needs to come to a permanent hiatus. Just the other night I was invited to a dinner party and I was all over the place, picking out every little thing in my closet, and completely indecisive on what to wear. I was thinking in between a dress or keeping things a bit casual. I settled on remaining casual, wearing some layers because it was cold, and a pair of heels to lighten up the mood.

How could a pair of heels possibly lighten up your mood, you ask?

Simple; Heels can say subtly, but visually, that you are empowered with edge and risqué knowing that instead of letting yourself be comfortable in say, a pair of flats, your favorite boots, or your tiresome desk job, you choose to let yourself pursue what you want. If it’s a pair of high heel leather boots, some of Jeffery Campbell’s platforms, or that painstaking lifelong dream of yours, there’s nothing stopping you. Life is long, intimidating, and unfair. It’s a scary thought to take chances; to leap away from the secure and step over to the unknown. Yet the strangest, most enticing and invigorating things in life are dressed up as unearthly high and seductively elaborated shoes. It is inevitable and seemingly implausible but risk is the foundation to winning over happiness.

I wear my heels high and my mood is as lit as a bulb.

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Cropped Tank – Vernácula // Jeans – Express // Jacket – Ann Taylor

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