I have had a ton of presentations this past week for finals and I am so glad they are finally all over! I always get super nervous when I have to present and but the one thing that definitely calms me down when I’m talking in front of everyone is when I am well dressed and playing the part. Thankfully, none of the presentations were business professional (just casual) so I didn’t have suit up.

I want to share with you one of the business casual looks I wore for one of my marketing presentations. I think I got the semi casual with a bit of downtown cool, I know what I’m doing, I got this look. Pulling off a confident outfit and attitude makes me feel comfortable. In times of insecurity, being able to pull off a self-assured vibe with a fashionable twist is essential. I paired together black and ripped skinnies I bought from Express last week, a black top, black heels, and a light blue blazer.


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Tuve que dar demasiadas presentaciones para finales y estoy feliz que por fin ya termine! Siempre me pongo súper nerviosa antes de dar una presentación pero algo que me tranquiliza es estar bien vestida y sentirme segura de lo que estoy hablando. Afortunadamente no me tuve que vestir profesional para ninguna de mis presentaciones y pude usar algo que me haga sentir cómoda.

Quiero compartir con ustedes uno de mis looks para una de las presentaciones que di. Quería que mi outfit diga soy profesional, pasiva, segura y se de lo que estoy hablando. En tiempos de inseguridad ser capaz de lograr un look que te haga sentir segura de ti misma con un toque de moda es esencial. Combine un jean oscuro de Express, un top negro, tacos negros y un blazer celeste.

Get this look for $84+ on Lookastic: Aquamarine Blazer, Black Sleeveless Top, Black Ripped Skinny Jeans, Black Leather Pumps

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