Is Peru on your travel list? If it’s not, it should be! I’m sure Machu Picchu is on there but have you thought about visiting the Amazon Rainforest? Nik and I just got back. The place is unreal! I’m sharing my mini travel guide on the Amazon Rainforest and our stay at Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica.

There’s so damn much to see and do. You’re surrounded by so much biodiversity. It’s a completely different culture. There’s no cell service, roads, or power lines. It’s an experience of a lifetime and to be completely honest, this trip has been my favorite one I’ve been on with Nik, ever.

It was such an adventure, and at the same time, incredibly romantic. We stayed at the Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica and booked the Tambopata Suite. The lodge is beautiful, inside and out! Our suite had a private terrace + pool out back and hammocks up front.

honeymoon Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica

Our Itinerary at Inkaterra

Day 1:
  • Picked up from airport
  • Explore lodge & our cabin
  • Spa: jacuzzi + massages
  • Dinner + bottle of wine for a relaxing night in
Day 2:
  • Breakfast
  • Lake Sandoval Excursion
  • Animal Reserve Excursion
  • Dinner + Wine
Day 3:
  • Cooking class + Explore hotel
  • Hacienda Concepcion Excursion
  • Dinner + Wine
Day 4:
  • Breakfast
  • Butterfly Gardens
  • Flight back to Lima

There are budget-friendly ways to visit the Amazon but if you’re looking for a romantic & adventurous getaway, or planning your honeymoon , I would absolutely recommend this trip and include Machu Picchu as well!

Where to Stay

What to Pack

What to Do

  • A day to relax at the spa
  • Hike to Lake Sandoval
  • Hike at Hacienda Concepcion
  • A night tour
  • The canopy walk
  • Take a cooking class (if it’s raining, order a glass of wine and just have fun with it!)
  • Visit the animal reserve
  • Rainforest Garden Excursion
  • Private Dinner
  • Go on the paid excursion to catch Piranhas. They’ll bring it back and cook it for your dinner that night!

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