I believed, no, I was inarguably certain that I was an adult. I know my lefts and rights. The world is not black and white. I know things. In just three days I have subtly broken down, made one too many painstakingly mistakes, and have been on the verge of ripping my hair out. But it has taken me nearly a decade to grow it out so I refuse to do so. In other words, I have understood that I am nowhere near of understanding what adulthood means. However, in only a mere 3 hours I have resolved (almost) every single melodramatic issue I jumped, no, cannon-balled into. Does this make me an adult yet? I will find out after my impulsive, 8-day, non-refundable, trip to NYC. Yes, 8 days. No sane person vacations that many days in NYC. You can probably see where all my problems emerged from.

On a happier note, my other half and I are taking a little trip to New York, the city that never sleeps and unlike Disney, probably the place where nightmares come true.

I do not have the pleasure of writing a step by step list on what or how to pack or any photographs of my very layered travel look. Though I have prepared a sort of guide. I provide all of you with a video of all the closet picks you’ll want to pack. Pour yourself a glass of wine. Now go ahead pick your favorite pieces to take and play with them, combine them, and eliminate them until you find the things you can mix and/or match and wear day and/or night.

Here is my tip: Pick the most neutral and combinable things in your closet and all the things you’d like to take. Pack only 70% of what you picked out. Be reasonable. If I can fit them in a carry on, so can you.

What I’m Wearing:

Express Jeans // Zara (old) top similar here or here (I LOVE the second one) // Coach flats similar here

Enjoy and leave any traveling/packing tips below!


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