Guess what? This transition into a more sustainable lifestyle has been rough. Sustainable fashion is expensive and hard to find. The first I do when I go on any online shop now is to look at their About Me page and their corporate & social responsibility page. If there’s nothing there, I simply close the page and find something else. I do this for all my partnerships and collaborations as well. I’m declining all partnerships that I don’t feel inspired or empowered by. I want this platform to influence each of you, so you can later empower others with the brands that have a meaning behind them.

Orlando Thrifting

And so I finally went thrifting. I walked into Goodwill, and I spotted this cute little 70’s inspired dress in the corner of my eye. Though it’s a bit too big on me, I bought it anyway. I take most of my clothes to a tailor anyway. This print reminds me of Emilio Pucci— a brand I have obsessed over for years because of my grandmother. And you know what? It was only $17.

How do you feel about sustainable fashion? Do you shop fast-fashion or are you trying to be more conscious about your shopping? I’m still having a tough time and would love to hear your thoughts and experience with it! Tagged below a few vintage pieces from Ebay, Etsy, and Emilio Pucci.

P.S if you’re from Orlando, where do you go thrifting? List your favorites thrifting gems and shops in the comments below!

10 Thrift Shops in Orlando

  1. Retromended
  2. GoodWill
  3. District Market @ Mills
  4. Andee’s Thrift Shop
  5. Village Thrift Shop
  6. Etoile Boutique
  7. Dechoes
  8. Avalon Exchange
  9. The Lovely Boutique Market
  10. The Owl’s Attic

Shop 70’s inspired dresses

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