Do-it-yourself: Layered Necklace

I’ve had these chains lying around for too long and it was time to finally put together a layered necklace that has been on my mind for too long now.


You will need: jump rings small and large, jewelry chains, jewelry pliers.
necesitaran: anillos pequeños y grandes, cadenas, y alicates de joyería

Step 1: Layer your chains in the order you want them to be. I used a bracelet chain similar to this as a start and then layered each chain until to create my own antique-like layered necklace.

Paso 1: pon las cadenas o collares en la orden que quieras. Yo use unas cortitas (como para una armar una pulsera) para empezar y escogí cadenas de varios tamaños y diseños.  


You can find a ton of options on easy or eBay. I got mine at Michael’s since its only a 5 minute drive away.
Here are a few similar to the ones I used: one // two // three // four // five

Step 2. Attach jump rings to the end of one chain and attach each of the chains. Then, add a few additional rings at the ends of that same chain

Paso 2: Agrega un anillo pequeño a uno de las cadenas y une el resto de las cadenas a ese mismo anillo. Después,  agrega unos cuantos anillos mas a los extremos. 


Step 3: You could attach a readymade chain to ends and adjust to your desired length. Or if you don’t have any additional chains you can attach a few smaller jump rings and then attach about 15 (or as many as you need) larger jump rings. Lastly, attach a hook or clip at one of the ends.

Paso 3: Si tienes una cadena ya lista puedes usarla para unirla a los extremos donde tienes los anillos adicionales. Si no agrega anillos grandes (unos 10-15) dependiendo que tan largo lo quieres. Finalmente, agrégale un gancho o clip a uno de los extremos.  



Step 4: I actually added an additional (much shorter) chain a across one of the lengthier ones. Just at small jump rings to it and attach to any chain

Paso 4: Tenia una cadena chica que sobraba y lo uni a una de las cadenas mas largas. Solo agrégale anillos chicos y tendrás que unirlo a través de una de las cadenas mas largas.




It really isn’t difficult at all. Tell me about any of your do-it-yourself necklaces or if you plan on trying this one out yourself!

En verdad es muy fácil armarlo. Ojalá les gusto este DIY y cuéntenme si lo tratan de hacer ustedes para ver como les quedo!


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