I dressed up as a Jurassic Park Ranger and it is definately my favorite costume of ALL time. Take a look at the  DIY Mary Poppins Costume I’m dressing up as this year (I think it might be even better than this one)!

I have updated this Jurassic Park costume with a few links of what you can buy. I made this last year and it was a big hit. Everyone loved my costume. Especially me since it’s my favorite movie and the first movie will always and forever be the best.  I made it last minute but I really wish I was more prepared for it (just to buy a few patches) which is why I’ve attached links of what you can buy at a fairly low price.

Really all you need for this is a construction hat and a tool belt. And if your dad/brother/boyfriend/cousin seem a bit like Mcgyver than you won’t need to spend money on a thing. If not,  just run to your nearby home improvement store.

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Precision cutter: buy here
  • hard hat: get it here
  • double sided tape here or E600 glue: buy here or here
  • 3 jurassic park logo: you can print your own or buy some patches (I bought a ton because I’m weirdly obsessed with the movie & dinosaurs) Prime eligible: HERE, HERE or HERE
  • And most importantly a Jurassic park shirt: buy here (I got one that the logo changes colors in the sun. I’m so cool.) Also I got a kids shirt and wear it as a crop top: here. If you don’t want to buy the t-shirt you can use a black one and put a patch on it.

make sure you print two smaller logos and a bigger one for the front. The slice cutter is my favorite! if you don’t own one, you NEED to buy one right now. You will want to slice anything you can get your hands on.

Tool Belt: anything dinosaur related can go on it. and a dinosaur grabber. Not a hammer. It is very heavy. Unless its one of those bar hammers that crushes ice and opens beer bottles. You can click on these links for the belt (HERE)  and your “grown up” tools  (HERE, HERE & HERE)

Shop DIY Tools

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Take a look at my Mary Poppins Costume!

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