How did I start blogging?

I wish I had someone knowledgeable and fashion oriented throughout my years to stop me every time I left my house wearing something ridiculous. I wish I understood how to dress for the occasion and how not to dress for any misinterpretation of occasion.

Even if I had I don’t think I would have listened. I didn’t really start paying attention to my pitiful fashion choices until I stumbled upon my very first fashion blog, EVER. I think I read every last post on The blonde Salad in late 2009. It was exhilarating except I didn’t feel too much of a connection so signed up for Bloglovin and looked for another. I read up everything about the style scrapbook and A Beautiful Mess, I was infatuated with Fashion Toast‘s photographs, and I wanted to visit all the places from Tuula‘s blog and shop her closet.

Then, the world stopped and began spinning in circles and bouncing up and down (I think it was me bouncing). I entered the most accepting, outrageous, entirely convincing and wonderfully delusional blog that you may all be familiarized with as, Man Repellar.

All I could think of was how entirely relatable it all was, that it was ok to be weird and colorful and layered like an onion. I only wished that I would grow the courage to start blogging. A little more than 5 years later, Delirium Style happened. I always think that I should have started earlier but I just wasn’t ready mentally, fashionably, financially, or articulately.

And, that’s how I came to be a blogger. I love hearing people’s stories! Share with me how you came to blog in the comments below.

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I was told recently that the color brown is not very flattering on anyone, but I think the brown color combo suits me quite well. What do you think? It’s bohemian, a little vintage, and I like it.

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