There are two types of people in this world and it can debated and arguable but summed up in two words: Marshmallow experiment. A kid is locked up in a room and told he can have a marshmallow now or he can have 3 if he waits for 10 minutes. You can be either patient or impulsive. Go. On the one hand, I could  have my dessert, my mouthwatering, silky soft, deliciously iced cupcake after I eat my plain old salad but on the other hand I could have it before, let my inner 5 year old indulge all the sugar, top it off with some coffee and go about my beautiful day. I mean what if something insane happens between that hour, like a child comes and steals all the sweets or I choke on a piece of kale. I wouldn’t want to find out. I’m impulsive and I need a dosage of cupcakes even if its just once every other week. If patience is not in your vocabulary, you can understand my dilemma. You can replace the word cupcakes with shoes, dresses, scarves and anything dinosaur-like because I need them all with no hesitation.


I was only going to grab some coffee (I swear) but my sister and I had a few minutes to kill so we took a little walk and were slapped in the face with aromas, colors, and french-like deliciousness that I could simply not ignore. It’s called The Dessert Lady and if you live in Orlando you’ve gotta try it! Her cakes all look amazing, the carrot cupcake is out of this world, and the shop is adorable! It’s so close to where I live and I cannot wait to go back which is probably not very safe for my plumping pear-shaped figure.


I shared the DIY lunchbox I made and now I share the deliciousness that comes with it. Let’s taco bout denim. It goes with just about anything. It goes with white, olives, orange, mustard, the color that looks like ketchup, or even with more denim. I went with a white crop top, arm candy, a dinosaur, some blues and a hat. Pretty sweet, nothing fancy. Express jeans fit so swell and I have this thing for Gianni Bini. Everything is so chic and delicate about G that every time I walk into Dillard’s I walk out with at least one thing (like the crop top I’m wearing) but that’s a story for another day.
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