john-lennon-sunglasses-chokerI’m waiting for these $5 pair of John Lennon sunglasses to fall apart. Until then, they’ll keep me company as I wander through the city of Orlando. I found a piece of string and an eye stud lying around and I made it my choker. I had exactly one pair of black jeans that officially need to be replaced. The express jeans pictured above have gone missing for well over a month. I bought a pair of platforms that convinced me I need more. This purse was bought from a vintage boutique in a strange city and belonged to an elderly and very sassy Italian woman. The material of this jacket helps hide the coffee I constantly spill on myself. Seven years ago my hand shook in distress as I impulsively spent all the money I had saved up on a pair of fingerless leather gloves. These gloves have become a piece of me. They make me feel strange but in a good way. I never wanted to be strange but I just I couldn’t help it. I am drawn to things that are out of the ordinary. John Lennon loved Yoko and I love the strangeness of falling in love and staying in love. I am already in love with someone but I want to fall in love with something. I want to talk passionately about it. I want to fall in love with something I do and I want to devote my life to it. I want to be the kid that grew up to be a paleontologist because he loved every structure and every bone of every dinosaur. I want to be as definitive about my life the way John Lennon’s sunglasses were to his style.

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