There are colors that stick with you. They are generally unnoticed and unthought of, but they’re there. It may not be your favorite color nor the brightest. There is just something so impulsive about them that impedes you from letting go.  You cling onto them without knowing and you seek for them in desperate times. A color is a person, a scarf, or a pair of high-heeled boots. As charming and lovely or strange as they may be, you will soon seem to drift apart. You wear them out so much you become suffocated but you keep them there til they’re dirty, broken, and sore. You wouldn’t necessarily call them your best friend but they’re certainly there for you with tequila in hand to keep you warm and will surely complement those big (insert eye color here) eyes for any occasion.

Although it may only be temporary or maybe until just the sight of them makes you sick, these colorful pieces will subtly and sublimely be there for you every time, no questions asked. You’ll feel incapable and you’ll feel awful when you finally decide to let these pieces go, knowing they have been by your side since the moment you laid eyes on her. It is heartbreaking to let go. But as the days pass and the sadness, anger, or disappointment wears off life becomes good again. You realize that sometimes the ripped up scarf, the bad influencers, and the old worn out boots give your life too much dullness to keep around. The clouds part, the haziness clears up, and the ray of sun shines on all the beauty around you. You have let go and it is now time to let the love back in. It is time to shop; it is time to pick out those new hues; it is time to love again.

This look and these photos are from a few months back and I am (temporarily) putting those beautiful brown boots away and that olive scarf aside to let a pair of brighter, more euphoric, and almost intoxicating new pieces appear in my wardrobe. Because new year, new me, right?
lima winter look DSC_0076 DSC_0932 DSC_0056 DSC_0053 DSC_0943 DSC_0862DSC_0906

Are there any worn out pieces you’re not willing to let go of just yet?

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