A Lazy day Work Outfit

School has been depriving me of my sleep and usually I can handle it but really I feel like chucking my phone against the wall every time the alarm goes off till it breaks into a million pieces. I figured my lazy morning routines would be a bit inspirational for anyone having trouble on what to wear on days where you just want to stay in your pjs all day.

Try some leggings (but the nice ones that you can pull off as jeggings or pants), a shirt dress, booties, a chunky scarf, and a coat.

I’m a girl who cannot walk past a sale sign at the mall without buying something and usually I can never find my size, so I buy it anyway. I like buying large blouses or tops because I can usually pull it off as a dress since I’m so short. They serve me swell because I declare them all my lazy dress shirts which I can also pull of as dressy tops on my not-so-lazy days.


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