I always wonder how the most magnificent people can be so truly genuine and so utterly outspoken. I plan every outfit the night before heading into work. I have my moisturizer, make up (mascara, lipstick, and eyebrow shadow), and the only perfume I wear (Dior Poison) on my dresser. I’ll google a look, an actress, search for Mad Men style on Pinterest, and gaze through all my favorite Instagram bloggers. I think keenly of how I can take this look, blend it, and then homogenize it into my persona and personalize it as my own. Most of us look up to all these gorgeous, intelligent, and historic women but forget that we don’t have to change ourselves to be as such, we simply need to borrow bits and pieces as we define our own self-evolving attitudes and self-actualizing lifestyle.


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I look back at all awkward ways and my soft-spoken attitude and think how relentlessly introversive I am. I am independent; I don’t mind the silence, I’m not afraid to be alone, I contemplate, I am analytical, and in a room full of people I can say with assurance I can be exactly who I am. I thought it was a terrible, irritating, and lonesome thing to be so quiet or autarchic, in lack of a better word, but it truly is not. I can never understand the term introvert and extrovert and the way society is so quick to judge and pinpoint the two. I never planned on becoming a blogger, nor was my intention to focus primarily on my writing. I cringed at the thought of letting the world see my self-centered photographs or any intimate bits of my writing. I always labeled myself as the introvert, as the quietest one and the most nervous one because it is what society had pinpointed me to be.

I woke up one morning (I’m not entirely sure when that was) but I told myself I would solely think of myself, as egocentric as that may be. I was meant to be happy. Honesty and writing makes life beautiful. Finding racks full of sale items and buying an obsessive amount of shoes is thrilling for me. The world is a happier place when you pursue what you love and who you love. Kanye’s love for himself is a perfect example of this.

So let us honor the Kanye West’s of the world and live life as egotistically as he does.

Tips for your office wardrobe:

  1. A pattern or printed blouse goes a long way.
  2. Your statement piece (necklace, choker, scarf) should be bold and subtle.
  3. A pair of nice, pant-like leggings will hold the essence of your look.
  4. Booties can replace your pointed pumps for an edgier, but still office appropriate look.
  5. A cardigan can become your essential piece to bring your look to a more casual one.


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  1. February 17, 2016 / 11:17 am

    Beautiful outfit lovely lady! Keep up the great work and live unstoppable!

  2. February 19, 2016 / 5:26 am

    That’s a beautiful outfit! Love the shirt & cardigan <3
    And I agree with you on the egotistical part, if there's one thing we can learn from West, is to love yourself and always put yourself first.

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