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I’ll miss all the fun, the getaways, and the long days laying under the sun. This summer has been my most memorable one; the most adventurous one, indisputably. And even though I’ve checked off most of my summer bucket list, I don’t want those memories to fade away; I don’t want the summer to end.

I travelled Australia by myself, went to Miami Swim week, visited New Zealand with my boyfriend, had plenty of beach trips, went to D.C, LA, and Chile, and I’ll be seeing my best friend get married on the last day of summer.

Alas, I’m kissing summer goodbye and giving it the most memorable farewell.

JaM Cabernet and Butter Chardonnay review by delirium style

I packed my bags, my bottle of JaM Cabernet and Butter Chardonnay, and went somewhere beautiful for the weekend. Nik and I decided on a dreamy staycation to relax and take in the last days of summer.

Our staycation was everything we were looking for to properly, and charmingly, say goodbye to the summer. And there’s nothing more romantic than a weekend all to yourselves and a bottle of Butter Chardonnay.

It’s funny I used to not be such a big fan of wine until I started dating Nik. I never knew what kind of wine I liked and never had a preference until now. My current favorite is Chardonnay and I can’t get enough of it. The more butter the better! When I had a sip of Butter Chardonnay I just swooned. It’s creamy, rich and melts in your mouth. If you haven’t tried JaM Cellars wines before, give it a go.

End of Summer Ideas:

  • JaM on the poolside
  • Beach day
  • Out on the lake
  • Girls night in with JaM Cab and Butter Chardonnay
  • A romantic weekend with your other half
  • A staycation
  • Flicks and sips of JaM

I’m taking all the memorable bits of summer with me over to the fall to make new ones. I want to always have the nostalgic bits lingering. Whether it’s a smell or the fruity & oaky taste of the nights we stayed up talking all night over a bottle of JaM Cabernet. JaM Cab is made of blackberries, black plums, black currant, cassis and more to give it that easy to love taste!

One of my favorite things is the feeling of nostalgia and replaying those old memories in my head. When Nik and I first started dating we could barely get through a movie without getting distracted halfway through. We’d end up talking through the whole movie or just…making out a little.

Its the little things like watching flicks and sipping JaM Cab that’ll make summer make its way into the fall, winter and spring.

So how are you kissing the summer goodbye?

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fun date ideas by delirium style

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  1. thefashionableaccountant
    September 24, 2018 / 10:04 am

    This looks like a great way to enjoy the end of summer!! You really accomplished a lot this summer!! xoxo

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