DSC_0337The feeling of hopelessness is the ugliest, most heartbreaking, and darkest sensation a human being has to go through. It is a shattering feeling all over that hits you mentally and emotionally without warning. I pity all of those who cannot relate or do not know the feeling. It is a perturbing feel but the minute you overcome (not suppress) it, the world is at your feet; a whirlwind of happiness comes drifting in.

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Life gets hard, you feel small, and it’s as if everything you’ve been working so hard for is only waste and cannot be mended, perfected or enriched no matter the time, money, or effort you put in.

Learning to be emotionally strong is not about having low expectations; it does not mean you have a mindset of expecting nothing from anyone or proving to yourself that you don’t care. It took me too long to figure this out. It is proving everything to yourself, being able to laugh at and learn from your mistakes, and taking any and every opportunity that will lead you to your own definition of happiness and success even if you’re scared half to death.

I’m not sure if it was Shia Lebouf’s cringing yet motivational “TED Talk”, Mick Jagger’s intriguing dance moves at The Rolling Stones’ concert I went to last week, or my decision to wear this beautiful floral H&M dress and pretended I was a princess this weekend, but I woke up Monday morning with a longing smile and a truly missed feeling of serendipity.

As I pursue this highly competitive and never ending journey through the streets fashion blogging, I’ve realized that I need to stop asking myself why or how but rather tell myself to simply do; do what I love, do what I want, and do what pleases me the most. It has taken me years to come out of my shy shell and sometimes I can’t help but sneak back in.  It’s a real struggle and I can only hope this message will motivate anyone who feels as if hope is lost to keep going and dig deeper.

Sometimes you just need to pull out that chic, enchanting, or romantic [H&M] dress that has been hanging in the closet for over a year (since you’ve been waiting for the perfect occasion) and wear it with your loveliest pair of heels and a tiara on top because why not? Being a total introvert and over-analytic, I know that perfect day may never come. Sometimes you just need to do whatever makes you infuriatingly, zealously, and utterly happy.

Wearing: H&M dress (old): similar here or here // Shoes (old): similar here // H&M purse (old): similar here
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  1. June 16, 2015 / 4:39 pm

    Simply gorgeous!

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