Happy New Year to all you wonderful, wonderful people! I spent the New Year with my family and my closest friends this year and I could not have asked for a better way. Twas a night filled good food, great beer, and phenomenal people. I hate last minute shopping for new years because I can never find the right size! I’ve picked out a few of my favorite dresses which are a little similar to the one I have on. I bought it almost 2 years ago so it’s no longer in stock! I actually got more compliments on my coat than my actual dress so if you’re worried about being cold on New Year’s eve you should find a statement coat you won’t mind stealing the show from the dress you’re wearing! Hope you like the selection I picked out below!

nye nye     Here's to a new year  Here's to a new year Here's to a new year  Here's to a new yearHere's to a new year

This is the look I went for the New Year’s Eve party: I wore a black and gold print dress from Aidan Mattox I bought maybe a year ago and a pair of BCBG heels I bought that same day because I had no choice (they were 60% off!) and there is nothing to get rid of the shopping addiction I have.

Feliz Año Nuevo! Anoche la pase con mi familia y mi amigos mas cercanos y no he podido pedir por una noche mas intima que esta. Este es el look que use ayer. Me puse un vestido dorado con un diseño negro de Aidan Mattox y me compre unas botas de BCBG porque no tenia otra opción (estaban con el 60%!) y porque tengo una adicción a las compras.

Shop This look & My Favorite New Year Dresses:

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