0rnHxIs it terrible to wish to be someone who comes nothing close to being who you are? Frantically imagining yourself living as far from home as you possibly could? Or pretending as if you’re that beautiful actress from that french movie you couldn’t understand a word that was spoken? I couldn’t count the times even if I tried. I am mesmerized by every beautiful actress, every handsome writer, every empowering feminist, and every romantic gesture I come across of. I fantasize, I reiterate, and I continue to pursue every day-dreaming chance I have to become any one of these unforgettable characters.

There is nothing terrible about it. It is a way to keep you sane; to let your mind escape all the awful, dull, or bitter moments of reality. It is an escape door to meet your better half and indulge, wander, and romanticize of all the loving moments that are temporarily hazed out as reality toughens you up.

So maybe it was too many of those french movies on Netflix or one too many visits to the new french place up the street, but I have tried endlessly to look as if I had just stepped off the set of one of those classic french movies. If it were me – And it is – dressing up a girl as she’s sitting at a café eating a croissant and sipping on a cup of coffee, I’d dress her in a scalloped skirt, a striped tee, and one of those silk scarves to tie around your neck. Très chic, oui?  All I am missing is a croissant and cup of black coffee and I’d possibly be the happiest imaginary french girls there was. And yes, I understand they’d probably hate me over there for my obnoxious stereotypes of what I claim a french girl to be

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