I was in Charleston last weekend with my boyfriend and guess what!! I decided to bring the most uncomfortable crossbody bag I own. Usually I’m ok with small purses because I almost never carry around anything but when you’re traveling, it’s just not great.

I nearly lost the camera and my sunglasses more than twice within an hour of our first day in the city. Nik bought a Polaroid at Urban Outfitters (which is way way cooler than my instax FYI) and after almost losing his other camera I went back to buy a bigger purse and walked out with the Kånken backpack! Honestly, I’ve had my eye on it ever since I saw a girl wearing it while I was in line for the Jurassic Park ride.

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  • super lightweight
  • fits a 15’’ Macbook
  • easy to clean
  • good-looking AF
  • good for exploring new cities
  • U-Shaped zipper (no need for rummaging to find something)


  • none. Unless you’re looking for a hiking bag or a bag to backpack all over Europe. GTFO. You’re looking at the wrong bag.

Not going to go on and on about the bag except for, OH MY GOD my MacBook fits! I have the 15’’ MacBook and finding a good-looking backpack sucks. I swear. And as lame as it sounds, I am fundamentally pleased with this backpack. You’ll be seeing A LOT of it on my upcoming trip to Australia! By the way if you’ve traveled to Australia before, send me your recommendations please!!

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  1. March 10, 2018 / 9:41 am

    oh my gosh I love these bags! I’ve seen them everywhere and even know a few people who have one. Seriously wonderful bags. Might need to get one for myself! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Everyday Countess
    March 21, 2018 / 7:07 pm

    I haven’t heard of these bags before! It sounds like the best weekender bag and also great for travel! Thank you so much for finding and sharing!

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