Step by step: Collar necklace/pin

Today on Delirium Style I will go through step by step on making your own collar necklace and/or collar pins (which ever name floats your boat) with only a few supplies and customizing it to your taste. This idea started a few days ago when I was about to buy a collar necklace or collar pins online for $15-$35 on etsy and right before paying I thought, I could eaaaaasily make this. I headed straight to Michaels and bought a few supplies and charms to make my very own collar necklace. I actually made too but I will only have one DIY to show you how to make it and later I will have a post on my full outfit with each one.

You will need:

  • Small jump rings
  • Jewelry pins
  • your choice of charms, shapes, or forms
  • Necklace chain and jewelry elastic string
  • needle nose pliers
  • Super glue


First things first. if you use these type of beads make sure you grab a piece of elastic jewelry string and, pass all the pearls through, tie the strings and place a tiny bit of super glue on each knot just in case.

Then, from your jewelry chain separate two small pieces ( few centimeters long) and through one of the rings, with the left over string make a double knot, place a bit of glue and cut the leftover string. Seen in pictures below




DSC_0028Now line up your chain with the beads, measure about how long you want the second necklace to be. Grab two jump rings and place both necklaces and the charms you are using. Close rings and super glue just in case.



DSC_0050Finally, glue one the jewelry pins on the back of the charms.


DSC_0060There! It is so easy to make, you do not need too many materials and you can make it however you want. I made a dinosaur one too!


DSC_0081collar necklace


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