I think I wore a bright aqua dress and my highest heels to a late night comedy show once and I instantly regretted it as I walked out the door. I asked for everyone’s opinion and they all smiled stupidly and nodded in sync. There was a tiny little voice inside my head telling me not to listen, but alas, I was convinced by those intense and very convincing head nods.

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I swore to never let that happen again. So last night we went to yet another comedy show and I asked for not a single opinion and pulled out the three most simple things in my closet: A pair of dark jeans, a white tee, and a leather jacket. It is the perfect combination for a casual night to a bar or a comedy show. I paired my look with black high-heeled sandals. It’s summer and they made the outfit look a bit edgy which is exactly how you could describe a comedy show. The show was not good, it was pretty bad actually. I kept thinking it would get a little better as the drinks came through and because I had yet to experience a serious night at Improv. I cringed and you could feel the pity crawling around room. Things just got awkward and the minute it was over we vamoosed in search of the nearest bar.

As we walked over to a bar right across I got the strangest compliment that went something like, “I’d rather much wake up the next day to those sexy pair sandals next to my bed than a pair of pumps.”

How did that Sex and the City quote go?


“Men, I may not know, but shoes, shoes I know.”

– Carrie Bradshaw

What I’m wearing: Jeans: (similar) Express // Shoes: Ivanka Trump // T-Shirt: similar here // Jacket: (old) Renzo Costa Similar faux leather here
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