Today on Delirium style I will show you how to make your own Camera Strap. Since I bought my camera I knew I wanted to customize the strap, it just took a few months to finally take the time and make it. I went to the fabric store the other day and there, in the dimly lit sale section was this simple but beautiful fabric for only $2! I’m planning on making a ton of DIY with this one. Nonetheless, here is a DIY camera strap using a sewing machine and fabric.

You will need: Fabric of your choice, a ruler, scissors, needles, pins, and thread.

First you will need to measure the length of the camera strap (the fabric part of the strap) and leave a few extra centimeters of fabric in order to fold the ends when you’re sewing it on. Also, width wise you will need to make sure it will go around the strap back and front with extra room for sewing and depending if you want the design to show on the back side of the strap as well.

DSC_0292DSC_0299 DSC_0307 DSC_0318

You will need to fold the ends enough to reach both ends of the strap and sew across with needle & thread just so it will stay in place while sewing it on with the sewing machine. Then, you will need to fold the fabric around the strap and fold in the left over fabric and place pins in order to hold the fabric in place when sewing.DSC_0319DSC_0324DSC_0350Next, sew on both ends of the camera strap and finally along both the edges of the strap. I made sure I used dark thread and carefully matched up the design of my fabric to the edges of the strap so the thread was pretty subtle.DSC_0353output_ZEhI2u

Finally, cut off all the extra threads lying about and you will find yourself your own custom camera strap.

DSC_0375DSC_0377I hope this DIY was easy enough so you can try making your own! Also, share any of your customized camera straps by tagging me on Instagram @DeliriumStyle

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