Let’s talk about the fidelity of vintage findings: boyfriend blazer edition

I like to adopt pieces of clothing that have been around for one too many years and may feel a little useless to their original owners. I pounce at any opportunity I get to caress a vintage piece and declare it mine.boyfriend-blazerA truly cherished vintage piece is irreplaceable, incomparable and sometimes taken for granted. It can be unappreciated and very hard to find but when you do, it is a piece to treasure for many years to come and incredibly hard to part with.winter-style-boyfriend-look

Take this boyfriend blazer; this 20+ year old blazer. It could have easily been walked off to the graveyard but I was too sure I could take a stroll, share a pint, and strut my stuff with this masculinity of coat and call it my own. This 80’s single-breasted blazer is not going anywhere but my closet. So, let us dominate these male-centric blazers and clutch on to it as our own because these boyfriend trends are simply too romantic to let go. coach-satchelboyfriend-blazer-winter DSC_0724vintage-finds-style-winter winter-style-long-blazer blue-blouse-winter-fashion

Boots and Purse: Coach (similar here and purse here)

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