To continue my Blogger I Love series I present you with this weeks Blogger, Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes. The lovable red-head with a begrudging amount of shoes. I am not going to lie but I am one of those girls that sees something she likes and just needs to have it will hate on anything who tells her otherwise. Also, when I see someone have something I really want or even never thought I needed I become destructively jealous for a minute. You know that feeling when you see something pretty and you just think, “oh my god that is too pretty I need it but I can’t have it so now I hate it but I secretly love it.” Well that happens to me with almost anything. Bloggers, my sister, things I see at the mall or while online shopping, my dogs, you name it.

What is there to love about Jane? Absolutely everything; from her hair, her mesmerizing shoes, to her transfixing vintage looks. She makes your shoe collection look amateur and rethink your entire dedication to your style, let alone your outfit for today. If you’re looking for inspiration, how to pair your vintage finds, Sea of Shoes is the blog for you.

P.S You will need a wine in hand as you dwell over all the stunning shoes this girl has.

bar-1000x667 Bridgesmaller-1000x667 DSC_9947 IMG_0577 IMG_1304 IMG_1453 IMG_3832 IMG_9350 Sukilynn Photography Leather-Dress Maiyet teva3

images via sea of shoes


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  1. September 25, 2015 / 4:03 pm

    Oooooh I love this! Such a beautiful collection of shoes! And her HAIR is so striking! Love, love, love!

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