This Dinosaur Ring Holder is the most Prehistoric DIY you will ever Make

I favorite thing in the world are dinosaurs. I still buy stuffed toys whenever I see one and I have watched too many documentaries and dinosaur movies. My boyfriend refuses to watch Jurassic Park with me. Except on my birthday because he has no choice. Below are my ring holders and I hope you’re inspired to make your own!

Stegosaurus: Before and After

dinosaurdinosaurTyrannosaurus-Rex more like after and after (I forgot to take the before until after)dinosaurring holderParasaurolophus Before and after

ring holderDSC_0156

You cannot tell me these weirdo dinosaurs are not the cutest ring holders on the planet. Now run over to the tour store or your laptop and buy some plastic dinosaurs. Paint them and enjoy!

You will need: paint brushes, acrylics (double coat them), & last but not least  choose your favorite dinosaurs. You can buy some toy dinosaurs here or on Amazon


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