Today on Delirium Style I’ll walk you through 3 easy steps to make your own beanie and how sensationally and grungefully cool it will look once its done. Well, first I need to admit that I’ve gone a complete patch frenzy so expect quite a few patchwork DIY’s. Second, I got the inspiration for a beanie from Cara Delevingne. I’ve come across one too many pictures of her in beanies and I just needed one to call my own. So I made an AC/DC beanie because one: their music rocks (pun intended) and two: I bought so many patches I forgot I had already ordered an AC/DC one.

Bueno, primero tendré que admitir que me he vuelto loca por los parches así que esperen ver varios DIY involucrando mis nuevos parches. Segundo, la inspiración para crear esta gorra vino de ver demasiadas fotos de Cara Delevingne con el mismo tipo de gorras. Así que cree mi propia gorra de AC/DC porque uno: su música es bastante buena y dos: compre dos parches iguales sin darme cuenta.

You will need: A beanie, a patch, and fabric glue. Una gorra tejida, un parche, y pegamento para telas. 

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Make sure the surface of the your beanie is clean and simply keep it in a ventilated area for a day or to  make sure it glues on and keep a book on top.

Asegura que la tela este limpia y mantenlo en una area ventilado y ponle un libro encima por 1 o 2 días hasta que pegue bien.

DSC_0439 output_YbqK9DDSC_0459 DSC_0460

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