Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!DSC_1173

Today is the day to be grateful and to think about all the things you wholeheartedly take for granted (even though you try and say it ain’t so). It is the day to eat until you’re stuffed enough to loath yourself. It is the week you do nothing with the sole excuse having to say thank you to anything and everything and walks by. It is the day to exclude all the non she-is-like-family friends and invite the ones who are over for your family dinner. It is also your the great excuse of planning your own friendsgiving because your family has been included to the long list of non family-like list. So whatever you are or aren’t doing let’s take a moment to put our social media aside, lose that self-evolved mindset, and take a long look back and what we’re truly thankful for.










I for one am thankful my family is from Peru and there is really no reason on making any awkward phone calls to family members I rarely speak to or worry about flying home for the holidays. I can relax. I can sit around the house, watch a few movies, and do nothing all day because no, I’m not allowed in the kitchen. I am usually the one who breaks something, mixes up the ingredients, or accidentally drops the turkey.

Today is the day to sit down, drink wine, eat way too much food, and have one too many bipolar conversations with your family before, during, and after dinner.

Be thankful and relax. Think of all the things you’re actually thankful for, whether it’s your family, your friends, your furry little pet, that new knit sweater or those brand new kicks. Take it all in and be grateful as fuck. This day only comes once a year.

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