Are you a panic-packer? I tell myself I’m not, but in reality, I totally am. When in doubt, repeat after me: You DO NOT need to pack those 3 extra purses/shoes/whatever 2 hours before you flight. Heads up! This is not a guide to magically fit your whole life into a carry-on, but it might bring your panic down to a level 5.

Here are my 7 favorite travel essentials I bring with me, no matter what.

  1. MY BKR
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Travel Essentials for Women


Because even if you miss your flight, you’ll still have a kickass water bottle that holds your lip gloss.

Have you heard of BKR? I am OBSESSED. They’re a beauty brand. They make water bottles from 100% recycled materials AND they make the most incredible lip balms that attach to the cap. I’ve had my eye on them for so dang long, and I gave in. It is entirely worth the hype! I was a little nervous because they’re glass, expensive and I’m super clumsy. But trust me, they’re durable. I know because I’ve dropped it a few times and it’s still in one piece. They have a 90-day warranty but STILL, treat it like you would your phone. It’s glass and fragile, nonetheless.

P.S. I ordered the 500 ML bottle: THE LITTLE SPIKED NAKED KISS KIT


You can get $20 off your order if you use this link:

My away bag has been the best thing I’ve ever invested it, indubitably. I have The Bigger Carry-On. I’ve never had an issue on any flights. And if they tell you you have to check it in at your gate, you know what you say? I have all my make up and very fragile things in there, and last time I flew *said airline* all my make up shattered. Works. Every. Time. The bags are beautiful and durable. Their warranty is fantastic. I broke my portable battery a few months ago, and they shipped me a new one, free of charge! 

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The travel rule I live by:

Only bring 2 bags and ONE Crossbody and ONE tote or backpack.


I bought THIS ONE right before my trip, and it SO convenient! I’ve been taking HUM Nutrition for nearly 2 months now (total health changer tbh. But I’ll save that for another day), but I didn’t want to bring all those bulky bottles with me. I was traveling for almost 2 weeks. Obviously, I couldn’t fit them all in one case. I brought the little one with me, which carries a week’s worth AND fit comfortably in my small purse. Then, for all the extra vitamins I still needed to take I put them in THIS ONE and threw it in my luggage, which took almost no space and only grabbed it when I needed to refill my smaller one.


I bring one with me every single time! I got mine from ABLE. The weather is nuts. You go on vacation, pack what everyone says you’ll need and then this happens:

  • it’s dead of winter but the sun is blazing and you’re about to have a heat stroke, or
  • it’s summertime but you’re somehow freazing and everyone around you is practically naked and compalining about how hot it is.

Helpful Reminder: One Denim Jacket, One Coat. Either way you can layer up or keep it simple.


Use code RTRKATM for $100 off your first 2 months of their Unlimited Subscription

Don’t you always feel like you want a cute, new outfit every time you travel? I’ve used their Unlimited Subscription during Swim week, summer getaways, and recently, for a destination wedding. I cannot get enough of it. Why? Because it has saved me SO MUCH MONEY. I brought 2 dresses and 2 sweaters with me, which would have cost me 100s of $$$. I’m trying really to be more conscious of my spending and shopping sustainably, which is why I love this subscription so much. It prevents me from impulse buying, especially cheap, fast-fashion stuff!


I took my airpods with me but after using my boyfriend’s SONY Headphones I’m making the switch. They are incredible. They’re wireless and noise canceling. If you’re looking at investing in a pair, I would highly recommend them.

And if you decided to opt in for airpods, don’t try noise cancelling headphones. Your life will never be the same after you realize how damn loud airplanes are.

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What are you favorite travel essentials? Anything I should add to the list?

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