DSC_0526Back when I was regularly mistaken as the long-lost child of a oompa loompa I was once told like I looked like a snowflake. I glanced down at my white light-up sneakers, my white sweatpants with a tint of crystal blue shimmer, and the plain white tee I had on and I could eagerly feel my smile slightly showing. Of course before I could even say a word I was assured that this was NOT a compliment. I swore I would never wear white on white or blue on blue or any color coordinating outfit again. Although as this fearful perspective on bullies and color coördinated outfits settled down (and yes this was not too long ago) I woke up and said, “I will wear white on white today and I will embrace any opportunity of feeling like a snowflake. Hence, the first way to wear a white lace skirt (and deliberately feel like a snow princess): wear it with a white short sleeve blouse and strategically chosen accessories. Pair it up with a few white colored jewels and a bright statement purse.

white-skirt-lace DSC_0429 DSC_0490 white-skirt-lace DSC_0505 DSC_0514DSC_0526Midi skirts, crop-tops and black pointed heels or a combination of the three illuminate the description of chic and femininity. Red lipstick too, of course. This look would probably be perfect for the winter in Florida if we get any this year at all. The grace and fancifulness I felt from this outfit was flushed and stolen any of what was left from the heat stroke I was in. It is November and it feels like July. If anyone is feeling the least bit of cooler climates please pull off this look! It is too chic and beautiful not to be worn.

DSC_0566 DSC_0544 DSC_0572 DSC_0581 DSC_0697 DSC_0657

Aaaand last but certainly not least, the Carrie Bradshaw look. Of course I don’t have that beautiful tulle skirt but I do have the murderous Jimmy Choo’s because I would certainly kill for another pair. If words could be dressed than I’d unmistakably have to declare this outfit to mean sanguine. My wallet is empty, I’m a total mess, and school is killing me but I’m (somehow) still hanging hopeful. So, let us take a moment to thank Carrie for giving us the confidence and optimism of what the world of fashion has become because of her. If there is one thing Sex and the City has taught me, it’s empowerment and showing off my confidence by the hight of my heels.


Happy weekend, snowflakes!

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