There are quirky bits and timeless pieces that ride along through the years and linger on, mercilessly. They are the light up shoes you meant to get rid of after the 3rd grade and the box of chocolates that were meant to last you more than a few hours. Sometimes they’re pieces you know will last you for generations but sometimes you know you’ll need to cut them loose once they’re old and torn. I have a hundred of those inseparable pieces that I’ve abused of  til they’re sore and torn to the point that they should simply give up. Though we have a mutual relationship that can be illustrated with the wise words of Eminem because, “[they] rely on me as much as I rely on [them] to inspire me like [they] do.”

I’ve put together a lookbook with only the zaniest pieces I’ve featured on Delirium Style that should always have a home in any indecisive and layer enthusiast’s closet. I’m not sure if you remember the Valentine’s gift I made last year, which consisted of perfect Instagram like photographs, but I’ll be posting a new DIY featuring a similar photographic theme. I stumbled upon Social Print Studio, a print studio that offer the cutest photo books which are perfect for any DIY or a personalized gift idea. Get your favorite Instagram shots ready and take a look around their site because it’s very fucking exciting for any DIY and Instagram aficionado.

1. An Over-sized Dress Shirt


What is so essential about it? It gives you the perfect combination of casual and arrogance. It says, “I woke up like this but not really because I bought this shirt just to make me look cool as fucking hell.”

2. Super Cool Platforms


There should be one pair of shoes that are both comfortable and make you look fucking fantastic. The kind that makes you want to cry and caress them every time you’re near them.

3. A Timeless Dress


For ever 20 pieces in my closet there is 1 piece I could wear on any occasion whether it be somewhere nice or to a stroll in the park. This should be a dress that complements your style and makes your heart race as you’re slipping it on.

4. A Bold Crop Top


There are your regular crop tops and then there are bold, bright, or even rubbish crop tops. These are the ones that make you feel gooooooOd (yeah, I capitalized one O). They will lift up your happiness (as well as your wardrobe) to a whole new level.

5. A Statement Silk Scarf


A silk scarf’s purpose is not only to please the elegant. No, they give girls a whole new meaning to neck wear. They yell, “look at me I am SO fetch” or “Yo, baby what’s good?” Let your multiple personalities find their way home.

6. Boho Accessories


There is not very much to Florida but scorching weather and constant beach getaways which will often require some type boho accessorizes.

7. A Fedora


Never did I think I’d need such a thing until I picked this up at XXI. The sole purpose of this piece is to make you look, as OutKast so elegantly put it, “So fresh and so clean.”

8. A Pair of One-of-a-kind Wedges

Because sometimes all you need is an amazing pair of wedges to finish off your birthday look.

9. A Striped (fitted) Dress

delirium style

Trust me, you’ll feel like Audrey Hepburn came over and dolled you up in a dress so fancy as this one.

10. A Floral Dress

There is nothing more girly than a dress except a dress with pink floral print on it. Look for one and wear when you want to feel exceptionally girly which may or may not happen to me more often than not.

11. A Pair of Ripped Jeans


If there is one thing I have learned in life is that, to feel like you really fit in with the cool kids is to have at least one pair of “why don’t you fix the hole in the economy jeans”.

12. A Delicate Kimono


There are beach trips where it’s only you, your best friend, and one too many coronas and then there are those trips where you need to something beautiful to shield your self-esteem because you’re trapped in an island with 10’s and higher.

13. A Sleeveless Coat


Because there is nothing better to cure any indecisions on what to wear for those blazing, scorching, winter days.

14. Loafers


They are much different than regular flats, because regular flats don’t make your feet feel so beautiful and totally chill all at the same time.

15. A Slogan Beanie


There is no such thing as a bad hair day.

16. A Skort


You’ll never feel freedom until you’ve worn a skort and not worried about going up a flight of stairs because someone might see what’s under.

17. A Boyfriend Blazer


Feminism and fashion all wrapped into one essential piece. Need you say more?

18. A Bright Crossbody Bag


Why? because it is impossible to always carry around a big tote. You need something (both easy going and bright) to let the rest of your outfit shine — but not as bright as your crossbody.

19. A Pair of Khakis


They aren’t just a pair of pants to wear to work. They are a blank canvas ready to be combined with select pieces of beauty to give a whole new meaning to the description of, “just a pair of khakis”.

20. A Studded Top


Sometimes you need such a thing to let your freak flag fly and the “street” style begin.

21. An A Line Skirt


In case you ever feel like pulling off the Mary Poppins look, an A line skirt will do just that.

22. A Pattern Shirt


When you’re sick of all the plain white tee’s and your boring button ups, patterns will make your wardrobe feel new again. Trust me. 

23. A Denim Jacket


Back when Drew Barrymore was a (grunge) fashion icon and the Spice Girls was every girl’s anthem, Denim Jackets were all the rage. And will totally be SO in, for like, ever!

24. A Tote


I like a tote that makes any casual outfit look as sleek as Cara Delevingne’s eye brows and makes my chic outfit look better than Beyonce at the Super bowl.

25. A Cape Coat


Winter is my favorite time of the year because you can look beautiful without trying so much as just choosing the right outerwear. A cape will go a long way. Why else do you think Superman wore one?

26. A Statement Skirt


 A leather, patterned, or bright skirt. You might feel a little awkward or maybe a little too flashy at first, but trust me, this is only the feeling of confidence (or “man repelling” confidence).

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